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Samples of Lost and Found advertisement
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Lost Found

Are you searching for the samples for lost & found advertisements? If yes then you are at right place. It is very common question that how can i write lost found advertisement for newspaper. Here, you can get lost found ad samples. The given advertisement samples of lost found help you to compose your ad.

Samples of Lost & Found Notices

  • Meenakshi R/o E-602, XYZ Apt, IP Extension Delhi-110092 have lost my Original Certificate of 10th Class, Exam Year 1995 Roll No.xxxxx Pass out from CBSE Delhi. Finder Contact: 0000000000.
  • I Reena Singh notified that my pass certificate of class 10 year 2002 Roll no: XYZ(ICSE) has been lost while travelling on 30/004/2012.Ph No:xxxxxxxxxx.
  • XYZ systems India pvt . ltd. A-x , Monah co-operative industrial estate . Delhi road, new Delhi have lost their road permit no .0000, issued by Dev scientific, Rudrapur. finder contact xxxxxxxxxx.
  • Dhawal singh,s/o sh.Dharmendra have lost original allotment papers etc of Shakti Nagar Ext.Delhi-52 call xxxxxxxxxx.
  • I, Sidhartha Balan R/o xyz-B, E-Pkt, ABCD Enclave, Delhi-110093 have lost my Original Certificate of 10th Class, Exam Year 2006 Roll No.xxxxx Passout from CBSE Delhi. Finder Contact xxxxxxxxxx.

The above given samples of lost & found notices must help you to compose your advertisement. Take the help of any of the lost found notice example to compose your lost found newspaper advertisement.