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Navakal advertisement     Language: Marathi

Navakal is Marathi language newspaper of Mumbai. It has been ranked as the ninth most popular Marathi daily. It has included huge number of readers in its readership base. It has reserved its place among the top ten dailies of Mumbai. At present, the newspaper is considered as prime medium of advertising when marketing goal is to persuade the Marathi speaking population. 

Navakal advertisement rates


Benefits of advertising in Navakal

 The multiple benefits of advertising in Navakal are as follows;-

  • The newspaper edifies a vast section of local residents of Maharashtra. You can cover a huge chunk of Marathi speaking population by publishing ad in Navakal.
  • Its brand loyalty is very high due to always supporting the truth. This brand value can be transferred to your advertisement.
  • The ad rates of Navakal are suitable for the small advertisers.
  • The newspaper is appropriate for all categories of advertisements.

So, book advertisement in Navakal newspaper when your advertising goal is to influence the broad section of Marathi population.


Navakal and its Popularity

The owner editor of this popular Marathi daily is Nilikanth Khadilkar. In starting phase, it was inclined towards Congress. At present, it has been described as the newspaper of Shiv Sena. It is growing brand of Marathi newspaper that is reaching near to top position by registering growth every year.

In the 2011 survey, Navakal has recorded 5.08 lakh readers. Its readership base is increasing every year. It is continuously adapting the new changes to move forward. At present, it has emerged as the common platform of information for Marathi population.


Target Audience

The target Audience of Navakal is Marathi speaking population. Its popularity is not only among any specific section of population. It has targeted to masses by its generalized content base.



Lokmat and Navbharat Times are closest competitors of Navakal newspaper. Besides them, other existing player in Marathi newspaper market, DNA and Loksatta are also giving competition to it.

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